Why Do We Walk?

We walk because our dogs make a difference, and our Walkathons raise the funds that help us achieve our mission.

We walk because we believe people with visual impairments and veterans with disabilities deserve hope, confidence, and independence. Our mission is to transform lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs.

All of our services – which include breeding and training our dogs, on-campus instruction for our students, and lifetime follow-up for our graduates – are provided at no cost to students and veterans. We receive no government funding and rely 100% on donations from people like you.




Why do we walk? We walk so that: 

  • Our cutting-edge genetics and reproduction work can weave together the delicacies of art with the data of science to create healthier, smarter dogs with hearts of gold.
  • Our innovative early education and puppy raising protocols can provide a wealth of positive, real-life experiences to create dogs that love people and love to learn.
  • Our pioneering training practices, certified by the two most prestigious international accreditation bodies, can create the finest guide and service dogs in the world.
  • So together we can change the world, one dog at a time.

Fueled by the dedication of staff and volunteers and the generosity of our Walkathon participants, we want to be our best so our students and alumni can be their best. Creating lasting partnerships between people and dogs—guide dogs, service dogs, facility therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, and Gold Star Family dogs—is our highest priority. So thanks for walking for our dogs!