John Madden

John Madden

Tampa, Florida
Walkathon Location: Tampa
Event Date: April 27, 2019

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I have lived with a handicap since I severed my left optic nerve in an automobile accident in 1984. My right eye works great and I'm by no means blind, but I can relate to those who struggle with a loss of body function. And so it is that I am inspired to support Southeastern Guide Dogs and the work they do for the blind, former soldiers with PTSD and/or mobility issues, and other people with special needs.

It is my goal to raise $5,000 for SEGD - an organization that takes special puppies and raises them to be service dogs for those in need -  we will raise $5,000 so that TEAM BULLET will be able to make a life-changing contribution to those in need, by training a guide dog that will change someone's life the way my dogs Bullet, Luke, and Leia have changed mine. Will you help?

John Madden 


Southeastern Guide Dogs breeds, raises, and trains some of the finest guide dogs in the world. The puppies are adorable, but to witness these amazing dogs in training is nothing short of miraculous. Thanks to their intelligence and fine training, people who cannot see are suddenly able to walk out their front door and go wherever they want and need to go...

When I learned that Southeastern Guide Dogs relies 100% on private donations, receives no government funding, and doesn't charge their students a dime for their services – that's when I decided to participate in their biggest fundraiser of the year: the Walkathon.

Won't you join me in supporting Southeastern Guide Dogs in their mission to raise and train these puppies, and provide such a priceless service to the visually impaired? I've set an ambitious Walkathon fundraising goal, and your help means a lot to me – and to the students whose lives are changed forever because of these incredible dogs. Thank you for your help. Your donations make it possible for these puppies to stay healthy and grow into career dogs of the highest caliber!

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