Gloria Rodzielowicz

Gloria Rodzielowicz

Sun City Center , Florida
Walkathon Location: Suncoast
Event Date: March 16, 2019

Personal Message:

Billy has turned 6 this past August. Where has the time gone? We will  have been a team for 5 years this April 1st. This was absolutely the right time for me to get a service dog. With no vision but light perception. now in my left eye and very limited vision in my right I would be living with headaches every time I travel at night or in crowds. Now I can relax  & allow  him do the job he was so well trained for.

Billy was again a busy traveler this past year. Another trip to NJ, then onto Brooklyn, nY for a day of culture & food tasting. Trains & subways are not an issue for this seasoned dog. He manuvered around all obsticles including people that just stop in fromt of us, Once again he was the hit of a cruise. Every passenger & crew member on the Allure of the Seas knew Billy. Staff were lining up to see him, they were reminded of the pets left at home. St Marteen was a fun stop for us & once again he showed how professional he is. Balconey's were again his favorite spot on the ship.

All of this amazing behavior is due to the exceptional training he received at Southeastern Guide Dog School. Even though we live in a fairly quiet area he still had the skills for traveling safely in a major (andbusy) city streets.

Aside from his training on campas the concern does not stop when we go home. The school takes its responsibility for their dogs very seriously. A visit from a trainer is made to our homes once a year to be certain that the service dog has not been mistreated (this includes their maintaining their proper weight). If there is an issue they have the right to remove the dog from that location. Also, if we run into any concerns they are only a phone call away & will assist in whatever way they can.

I am hoping you will  assist me in supporting Southeastern Guide Dogs in their mission to raise and train these puppies, and provide such a priceless service? I've set an ambitious goal, and your help means a lot to me – and to those of us whose lives are changed forever because of a guide dog. Thank you for your help. Your donations make it possible for these puppies to stay healthy and grow into career dogs of the highest caliber – and then go home with people like me!

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